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Space Eraser

Thom Yorke makes space bend through his music. Take a listen (with headphones) to either of his solo records, The Eraser or AMOK (with Atoms for Peace) and you will begin to understand. Also Alec Baldwin from WNYC’s Here’s The Thing sits down with Thom Yorke, the front man of Radiohead, who has a new album, Amok,with the music project Atoms for Peace.  Even after… Read more →

Stop Stealing Sheep

Frederic Goudy, American type designer, once said, “Anyone who would letterspace lower case would steal sheep.” To most people, this comment only adds to the perception that type inhabits a mysterious world with intricate terminology and elaborate rules; added to this are thouasands of type faces out there that all seem to look alike. Now in it’s third edition, acclaimed type… Read more →

The Swiss Invasion

Gary Hustwit’s stunning feature-length documentary film, Helvetica (2007), uses the omnipresent font as a lens through which it examines contemporary visual culture and how typeface is used, aesthetically, spatially, and culturally, to impart shape and character to urban environments. In addition to commemorating the typeface’s 50th anniversary, Hustwit segues into a discussion with a number of acclaimed designers about their work, their creative… Read more →

Clearly a Designer

Massimo Vignelli decoded and untangled the web of NYC’s subway system in the summer of 1972. His astonishing ability to create clarity from chaos was unsurpassed. He introduced the European streamlined, modernist, minimal aesthetic to the American design community – and forever changed the landscape of graphic design. Born in Milan, Italy in 1931, he studied art and architecture and worked… Read more →

Designing the UK’s Digital Economy

A new independent report published by the Design Commission warns that the UK’s digital economy will not fulfil its social or economic potential without a concerted focus on design. Amongst 17 recommendations, the report calls upon government to nurture the design and digital technology sectors on a local level, stressing the importance of growing these sectors outside of London. The… Read more →